Crypto Challenge Set 5

This is the first set of number-theoretic cryptography challenges, and also our coverage of message authentication.

This set is significantly harder than the last set. The concepts are new, the attacks bear no resemblance to those of the previous sets, and... math.

On the other hand, our favorite cryptanalytic attack ever is in this set (you'll see it soon). We're happy with this set. Don't wimp out here. You're almost done!

  1. Implement Diffie-Hellman
  2. Implement a MITM key-fixing attack on Diffie-Hellman with parameter injection
  3. Implement DH with negotiated groups, and break with malicious "g" parameters
  4. Implement Secure Remote Password (SRP)
  5. Break SRP with a zero key
  6. Offline dictionary attack on simplified SRP
  7. Implement RSA
  8. Implement an E=3 RSA Broadcast attack
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