Crypto Challenge Set 6

This is the last of our original crypto challenges.

This set exclusively covers number-theoretic cryptography, and, in particular, RSA and DSA.

This set is hard. The concepts are again new. The attacks involve some math --- but nothing you didn't learn in 9th grade --- and a significant amount of programming.

But they're worth it. Two of these attacks in particular are among the most valuable in real-world cryptography.

  1. Implement unpadded message recovery oracle
  2. Bleichenbacher's e=3 RSA Attack
  3. DSA key recovery from nonce
  4. DSA nonce recovery from repeated nonce
  5. DSA parameter tampering
  6. RSA parity oracle
  7. Bleichenbacher's PKCS 1.5 Padding Oracle (Simple Case)
  8. Bleichenbacher's PKCS 1.5 Padding Oracle (Complete Case)
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