Crypto Challenge Set 7

This is the first of two sets we generated after the original 6.

Unlike the last few sets, this set is a hodge-podge. It also includes some of the few challenges we have that probably aren't useful against real targets (they were fun enough to include anyways). On the other hand, we also include a challenge that models the CRIME attack on TLS.

This set is hard. There's a significant amount of programming, and Wang's attack in particular is as difficult as anything we've done.

  1. CBC-MAC Message Forgery
  2. Hashing with CBC-MAC
  3. Compression Ratio Side-Channel Attacks
  4. Iterated Hash Function Multicollisions
  5. Kelsey and Schneier's Expandable Messages
  6. Kelsey and Kohno's Nostradamus Attack
  7. MD4 Collisions
  8. RC4 Single-Byte Biases
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