ECB cut-and-paste

Write a k=v parsing routine, as if for a structured cookie. The routine should take:


... and produce:

  foo: 'bar',
  baz: 'qux',
  zap: 'zazzle'

(you know, the object; I don't care if you convert it to JSON).

Now write a function that encodes a user profile in that format, given an email address. You should have something like:


... and it should produce:

  email: '',
  uid: 10,
  role: 'user'

... encoded as:

Your "profile_for" function should not allow encoding metacharacters (& and =). Eat them, quote them, whatever you want to do, but don't let people set their email address to "".

Now, two more easy functions. Generate a random AES key, then:

  1. Encrypt the encoded user profile under the key; "provide" that to the "attacker".
  2. Decrypt the encoded user profile and parse it.

Using only the user input to profile_for() (as an oracle to generate "valid" ciphertexts) and the ciphertexts themselves, make a role=admin profile.

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