Create the MT19937 stream cipher and break it

You can create a trivial stream cipher out of any PRNG; use it to generate a sequence of 8 bit outputs and call those outputs a keystream. XOR each byte of plaintext with each successive byte of keystream.

Write the function that does this for MT19937 using a 16-bit seed. Verify that you can encrypt and decrypt properly. This code should look similar to your CTR code.

Use your function to encrypt a known plaintext (say, 14 consecutive 'A' characters) prefixed by a random number of random characters.

From the ciphertext, recover the "key" (the 16 bit seed).

Use the same idea to generate a random "password reset token" using MT19937 seeded from the current time.

Write a function to check if any given password token is actually the product of an MT19937 PRNG seeded with the current time.

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